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GameFly is a privately held American online video game rental subscription service that specializes in providing games for game consoles and handheld game consoles such as: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, GameCube, Xbox, Wii U, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance, DS, 3DS, PSP, and PlayStation Vita.

An angry customer said this on Consumer Affairs "I rented my first game from Gayfly, I mean GameFly and it was 5 days later and still never received my game. Ever anticipated getting a game in the mail just checking everyday hoping to receive it but it never makes it even though the “Q” says its out for like almost a week. First game and this problem is a big RED FLAG??? And I immediately canceled my subscription".


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Stultifying office environment, lack proper investment to deliver on new services, in maintenance mode"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Management was inept and very unprofessional. Mandatory overtime on short notice was ridiculous."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"1. There is no room for advancement, despite what they might tell you in the interview. When additional responsibilities become available, they're given to someone who already has additional responsibilities- not to a promising new employee. 2. Management does not listen to their employees on the front line. If you have a great suggestion that will improve productivity by 5% with minimal input, expect to be met with consistent, ongoing resistance to changing the status quo. 3. The pay is quite poor and the yearly raises are an insulting joke. My productivity on my one year anniversary was twice what it was when I started, but I got a 50 cent raise. They share none of the benefit of having long-term employees with those long-term employees. 4. Because the raises are so poor, people never stay long and the turn-over rate is exceptionally high. This means that you will be surrounded by new people making new people mistakes, and that will make a stressful job that much more stressful. 5. You will deal with irate customers. GameFly customers are flatly insane, and one contact in ten will be an angry person demanding to know why he hasn't received NASCAR 14 yet. You won't have an answer for him because GameFly doesn't track their games, and so you'll go 'round and 'round until he is ready to give up. 6. You will spend at least 7 hours of the day on calls. You will have 15 seconds between calls, which isn't enough time to finish your documentation, much less to decompress from a difficult call. 7. If you're unfortunate enough to be a good employee with a strong work ethic, you will be ruthlessly exploited so that their worst employees can have an easy ride. There are a handful of employees who are friends with upper management, and they are held to a completely different set of standards. Those people will not be held accountable for the same things you will be, namely metrics and quality expectations. 8. You will be frequently expected to work mandatory overtime. Because turn-over is so high, the office will be frequently under-staffed and you will fall behind. Management will respond by scheduling mandatory overtime. You'll be notified one or two days in advance. 9. I could keep going. They've shortened their training class so much that the people they put on the floor aren't ready yet, so you'll be picking up the slack. Their lead reps aren't on the same page, so you might hear a different answer to a question depending on who you ask. You're given 8 sick days but you're expected not to use them. Their company events get weaker and lamer every year as they cut more and more costs."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"- Working on weekends and overtime around holidays. - Pay was mediocre for the industry, but the amount of my raise after a year felt insulting. - Some reps valued speed more than quality and the metrics only reinforced this attitude. - A lot of reliance on your specific Lead's philosophy of how to handle certain issues. - It seems as if the upper management was more worried about advertising than investing in the company's infrastructure. - No room to move up without someone leaving the company."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Low pay: Starting pay was about what you would expect for a contract worker, but not in line with permanent employment at other companies. Few opportunities for advancement: Regardless of how much work you do and how well you do it, you may be held back based on very arbitrary reasons. Management may even start training you in a leadership position and then stop training you without explanation. High turnover: Within 1 year of my starting employment at the company, almost the entire leadership team within the customer service department left the company. It's also extremely common to see only one person stay from a group of 3 or 4 new hires. Increased workloads without increased benefits: As stated previously, you may give it your all and still not see any advancement. This also applies to things like raises. Unless your job title changes, you are extremely unlikely to see a raise. If you participate in the technical support team, you will be trained for two jobs, paid for one, and expected to switch between them at moment's notice on someone's whim. Poor structure: Training was haphazard at best, and the department is actually split into two halves, one of which doesn't actually have a structured training at all. There's also very little provided in the way of knowing WHAT you're actually supposed to be supporting. Sometimes you will be asked to handle situations and issues that you've been explicitly told by someone else not to handle. There are few, if any, resources provided after initial training, and responses to specific situations are often based on how whatever lead you ask feels the situation should be handled. There are also some pretty outdated policies and procedures, and a general resistance to updating them. Suggestions for improving efficiency were typically ignored. High metrics substituting for correct staffing: Because of the high turnover, we were almost constantly understaffed. When metrics weren't being hit, new management's response was an increase in monitoring. Prior to that, the stated goal was and the goal that leads actually expected staff to hit were not in alignment at all. Although the quantity of cases handled increased dramatically, quality generally suffered. During this period of increased monitoring, there was also regularly mandatory overtime in effect."

Fulfillment Associate says

"- Pay was average for the job type, which means it sucked in general - No room for advancement past a few $0.50/hr raises - Work on Saturdays - Extremely boring manual work (filling envelopes, printing shipping labels)"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It's a small team so there's not room to move up most of the time. You'll more than likely be in the position you start in for years. Having such a small team also makes it even more frustrating when they somehow can't get a handle on effectively communicating with everyone. Information was not reliably or consistently disseminated to the floor which often meant agents spending a great deal of time attempting to work through a problem with a customer and then when unable to resolve, report the error to leadership and be told they already know about it. Somehow that knowledge never makes it to those on the "front lines". There is no comprehensive knowledge base for agents to consult so handling rare or complex issues is reliant on scattered paper and network resources, or assistance from members of leadership, when available. Staffing is a huge problem. It doesn't seem that there is any form of volume tracking or forecasting involved in hiring or scheduling, which results in people being let off shift early when volume is low, but then pushed hard to exceed normal output - and in many cases members of leadership, QA, and training being pulled from primary duties to supplement agents - when experiencing high volume or times of unscheduled staff absence (which happens all the time, it's a call center). Starting salaries are low for the industry."


"No room for promotions due to it being a small team"

Former Employee - Fulfillment Associate says

"the company doesn't know how to grow. they keep trying new things, but nothing seems to grow the business. a lot of corporate arrogance. extremely difficult to advance."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"-Low pay for customer service -No advancement opportunities in customer service (can't advance unless someone in leadership quits which is extremely rare) -Treated differently than the corporate employees in California - Can't play video games/limited online because the company is not willing pay for better coverage"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Went remote with them and all in that amount of time I was getting pushed out from HR, was then told they would promote me which never happened as the job was removed from the company. Don’t give opinions there cause they don’t care"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"GameFly pays poorly to have their CSRs get yelled at by irate gamers for 8+ hours/day, 7 days a week. Worst job I've ever had. Weird, secretive culture, too. Lots of gossip and people ratting each other out to management. Really dumb. If you're a good employee you just have to deal with more frustrating work. Your best bet is to be terrible at your job. Go elsewhere."

Warehouse associate (Former Employee) says

"work is ok just the management is not that good, all the benefits are really good. people in the environment is really nice and fun. i learned how to shipping and recieving, loading and unloading goods. the hardest part of the job is how much little time everyone has to ship everything on time. the best part of the job is the people and how fun the work place is.people and easy to learn work loadmanagement"

Morgan says

"Gamefly sucks! Nintendo Switches are impossible to find right now. I have been online looking day and night and finally some popped up on gamefly. I ordered immediately and got a confirmation email for my order. I was so excited as this is a birthday present for my daughter. TWO DAYS later I get another email that my order has been cancelled. No explanation, just cancelled. I send them an email to get some clarification and they state that they did have them in stock, but they sold out very quickly. Why did they let me go through the purchasing process? Why did I get a confirmation email? Why did it take you two days to figure this out? What kind of shoddy business practices are these? If you only have 20 in stock, only allow 20 people to place an order! Really not that hard. This is crap! I could've still been looking for one. Now I'm two days closer to her birthday and likely won't find one in time."

Joe mama says

"These scumbags at GameFly scam people into free trial then steal your money after you cancel but make it impossible to cancel and if u try n call good luck all you’ll get is 9 million ads for everything from car insurance to hemroid cream n never talk to anyone! The best part is when they say they refunded your money but they don’t actually do it! All good til game fly workers get shot"

Frankie Elias says

"Dragon age did not work! Super super disappointed and frustrated since this is the second disc in a row sent to me not being able to play! This was a game I was pretty excited to play when I read the RPG gameplay description. The disc had the tinniest scratch . This time I took photos of the error and can not download to play screen as proof of the unfortunate situation."

Asan says

"I subscribed for the 2 games and tried to play games with my spouse on Nintendo switch lites. I couldn’t get the same game to play with her even though the game was old and they had a very high availability. I don’t know what is the issue with that like I just subscribed and JUST canceled immediately. If I’m paying you money for a game that you have a lot of, why couldn’t you arrange that as a service? Unless the game is at low availability then I would understand but such a high availability for an old game is just absurd."

Bruno says

"This service is an absolute disgrace. I put up a series of options in my queue so they could send me whatever was more easily available for them. It took them 3 weeks for the first disc to arrive, and lo and behold, the disc was unplayable. Im sending it right back and cancelling my trial immediately"

Kii says

"Tried to start an acct with them because I finally got a gaming device. Figured it was better to try multiple new games and find some I might want to actually get, vs. buying a game and hating it... Refused my account and cancelled it because a relative used to have stuff sent to my place, because his stuff would be safer than delivered to his own home. Wouldn't give me a reduced trial account and kept insisting I've had one before. DONT JOIN. Look elsewhere!"

ADT says

"TERRIBLE! Takes two weeks to get a disc....DO NOT BUY, TOTAL RIPOFF"

Mister Magic says

"They lie about how it works. Trust me. I had gamefly for almost 2 years. They say a game that's in your "Q" is reserved for you. Well it's not. Never once did a game get shipped to me when it should have. Do yourself a favor and save your money"

Anon says

"I my ONE game has been in queue for a WEEK and still hasn’t shipped"

Stephen Bleetstein says

"They take a long time to mail out games... even when the Q says they are available. They don't care."

Shawn Veneziano says

"Terrible company. Absolutely horrendous customer service. They don't care about the customer at all. First off, they charge a lot for this service, so I do expect decent customer service, but they are combative, rude and simply don't care. TWICE now, I have not received games they have shipped. This would be fine if they just immediately shipped another game out (because think about it, I am paying $22 per month to have 2 games out at a time, so any day I don't have a game in my possession, I am wasting money), but they do not immediately ship another game out. You have to wait days, sometimes a week for them to ship the game, then once they ship it, you have to wait at least 3 days to receive it. So in one instance, I waited a week to receive a game, didn't receive it, they finally let me report it missing, then I waited 2 weeks for the next game, I checked my game queue, and it was mysteriously suddenly empty. So that is 2 weeks I paid for a service where I received ZERO benefits from the service. I told Gamefly about this and they just told me to add another game to the queue and they would ship it out when they can get to it. I requested some sort of compensation, perhaps 2 weeks complimentary to make up for the terrible service, but nope, nothing, they just don't care. Avoid at all costs. Just buy the games you want. Get a PSN subscription and get games when they go on sale there. Just don't waste your money on this terrible, greedy corporation. They don't deserve a penny. One time I had to wait over 2 weeks to receive a game in my queue that was a new game. I advised them I had been waiting a couple weeks and they told me to just change it to a different game... that completely defeats the point. Such a waste of time and money."

Jamel Platte says

"I will never use them again the games never made it here and then they closed the account cause the mail was lost so they blame me"

timothy pierce says

"(You know what bull crap GameFly) i like to complain GameFly is unfair they charge every 30 days no one does that I called the see what's going on the person that answered I was ignorant and didn't give a crap what I had to say all he wanted to tell me is you give us money and that's it I don't care want to hear you that's how I felt that's why I gave this review a crappie review 1 star that's all deserves with disrespectful ignorant phone service is unexcusable how's that right that you permit us made me feel like don't call us I don't care hang up leave us the alone that's how I felt the guy was so ignorant like I told him that the bill don't make sense and he's like oh that's how our system works any rude type of way like someone them off I was like how is that fair it's fair 30 days like what so if I want my bill date the charge on the first I got to get on the second a very month because they don't count 31 days they charged the day before no one does that besides them every company I have been with charges on the day that it is due first subscription fees my cell phone charges on every month of the actual month it don't charge before or after when my bill is due on the first it charges on the first utility bills are different because they charge on a certain date but they normally charge on that exact date for example my FiOS bill Chargers on the 28th of every month and it tells me I got to pay the bill and so many days but what's the scriptions like Hulu or a cell phone or even Netflix charges on the first of the mouth everyday not GameFly they want to charge you every 30 days that's bull crap"

wade bowers says

"Tried to get games before they release in queue but end up getting nothing shipped Try to get older games shipped nothing shipped still Takes a week to get or to send a game Would not recommend"

Omer Fidan says

"Worst Customer service ever.I just hang up the phone with a person called "Jay" . Gamefly is ripping me off. This company will not last long with this customer service for sure . Purchasing a game is really pain.You have to purchase the game with all your credit card info do the check out, and they will send you an email to call them back for confirmation for the game you already purchased it. Did you ever hear this from any shopping platform? Imagine yourself shopping from amazon , ebay or walmart or Target and after they are asking you to call them back stay on the phone and confirm your purchase. Would you like to do that after you buy the game . Also i upgraded my Account 2 , 2 games and they even prorated my account because i upgraded my account on January 21 st and i called them on 25 th i asked them how come i am not receiving the second game even though you guys prorated it and didnt provide any service????He is telling me because your account was on Hold and it just released!!!It was on Hold for your nonsense policy!!!!So i asked them if they will refund also for the days that they didnt even start to provide the service he says no..I ask him ,so would you rather make your customers upset and let them go rather than pro-rating the 5 days that you didnt ship the game??I have been told about gamefly customer service really sucks and even friend warning me about them but i just gave a shot but they were right.I even referred this ripoff people to others as well , i have to warn them too. No Wonder why Amazon growing and companies like these really loosing just because they dony know how to handle customer service.Beware try not to deal with their customer service because other than helping you they will make things lot harder for you.I hope Amazon gets in this game with prime too as well.I just cancelled my service.."

Curtis says

"I did the free trial and tried to get a game never recieved the game so 4 the next 4 weeks I kept trying and still never recieved anything but a week later they took money out my account saying my free trial was fly is a joke and a rip-off and a complete waste of time"

Vicki Fraker says

"Game fly destroyed a 60.00 personal game that was sent back in error because they said they sent me an email stating I sent it back and they never heard back from me. So they discarded it. Because it is againt their policy to send it back without confirmation that it is mine yet they can tell me exactly what game was sent to them instead of their game and dont show that I checked that game out from them. They are refusing to make things right but are all willing to send me a new shipping envelope to return their game to them. They wouldn't have a supervisor call me but said I could call their open phone lines any time to talk to someone but they wont replace my 60.00 game or do anything to make things right for me."

Van says

"It takes forever to get games. You mail in and it takes 3 to 4 days. Then they receive it and do nothing. Then after 2 days they mail you another game and it takes another 4 to 5 days for some ridiculous reason to arrive. That's a 1 week turnaround for a game even if you keep it just 1 night. At that rate, at most you could rent about 4 games per month for "1 game out" and 8 games a month for "2 games out". Worse yet, they NEVER have the new releases."

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